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Since 1955, Lindsay has been a pioneer provider of irrigation and water management solutions. From the strength and durability of Zimmatic® pivot systems to the intelligence and advanced technology of FieldNET™, our full portfolio of industry-leading products and services help conserve resources, increase yields and benefit growers worldwide. Lindsay isn't just building irrigation systems; it's expanding every field and every operation’s potential.

Zimmatic irrigation systems are built to last. From industry-leading durability and strength to innovative enhancements and advanced technology, every product is designed to be a part of a custom and flexible solution that best supports you and your field.

View and control your irrigation systems from the palm of your hand with our fully integrated remote irrigation management and scheduling technology. FieldNET helps you spend less time and money in the field by gaining greater control and visibility out of it. Plus, FieldNET Advisor can provide daily recommendations to help meet your field’s changing needs.

IRZ Consulting combines world-class water resource engineering with technologically advanced irrigation, resource management and conservation services to develop your irrigation infrastructure. Our solutions help maximize resource efficiency, sustainability and profitability on agricultural projects around the world.


Invented more than 40 years ago by award winning chemist, Dr. John W. Willard (PhD Purdue University), PlantCatalyst® is a water additive that boosts a plant’s ability to more fully absorb and utilize nutrients.  This proprietary blend improves the uptake and assimilation of nutrients into plant cells so that they can devote more energy to growing and flourishing.

When used as directed PlantCatalyst® will help the plants better utilize the nutrients and water in the soil and/or whatever growing medium is being used.  Not typically used as a complete nutrient replacement regimen, PlantCatalyst® will allow growers to maximize their nutrient regimen and significantly reduce the need to add more fertilizers and other nutrients.  As a result, growers can significantly reduce the amount of fertilizer and other nutrients needed saving time and money, while boosting crop growth and yield.

In this way, PlantCatalyst® provides farmers and gardeners alike with a safe, natural and completely non-toxic way to increase yields while limiting the amount of nitrogen-based fertilizer needed.


Seed Co is the leading certified seed company authorized to market seed varieties developed by itself, government and other associated seed breeders in over fifteen (15) African countries. We have maintained a strong market share among communal and commercial farmers from years of intensive investment in Research & Development.  The Company is involved in the breeding, multiplication and distribution of mainly hybrid seed varieties for the following crops:  maize, wheat, soya beans, sugar beans, cowpeas, sorghum, groundnuts and vegetables.


automed first launched its medication delivery system in 2016, but its origins reach nearly a decade earlier when David Edwards first conceived the idea for an automated weight-based delivery device. In the subsequent years, the platform expanded to include data capture, livestock traceability and compliance capabilities. The automed system was quickly recognised internationally and has since been adopted globally with producers in North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Central & South America and Africa utilizing the platform.

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As a brand I-Feeder has a simple vision. We want to be the market leader where it comes to the supply of irrigation dosing systems. We want to achieve this without ever losing the enjoyment in what we do and the ethics we apply day to day to achieve this.

We achieve our vision by ensuring we stay true to our motto: Growth through service and innovation. Because we love what we do, every system designed is done so with passion and pride. Not just to be a functional product with longevity, but easy to use, easy to repair, and trustworthy.

The group has grown from a small company supplying the agricultural market in the Southern most tip of Africa to one of the biggest role players in Africa and the Middle East where it comes to the supply of dosing systems. Currently establishing a footprint in Europe and Asia, with involvement in projects as far afield as Iraq and England. 

Our brand has a reputation as a quality product. Ensuring profits for our clients and value for money for our end-users. 


Orthman is a true American institution. Founded in Nebraska by one man with a vision to make farming better for producers, Orthman is built on hard work, innovative design, meticulous attention to detail and a passion to lead the world in modern production agriculture.

Since the 1960s, Orthman has brought innovation after innovation to farming. Seeing the trend toward larger and larger equipment, Orthman perfected and patented an internal folding toolbar in the 1970s, then used its expertise in toolbar design to invent the stack-fold toolbar in the 1990s that allowed planter boxes to remain upright during transport. Orthman’s reinvention of the disc stabilizer in 1978 ultimately led to the development of the GPS Tracker® IV, the industry's only ground-engaging implement-steering system.

Orthman’s pioneering work in row crop cultivators opened the way to the company’s biggest triumph to date: the remarkable 1tRIPr strip-tillage system in 2001. A near instant success because it allowed producers to perform Ideal Seedbed Preparation, Precision Nutrient Placement and Optimal Root Zone Conditioning in a single pass, the Orthman 1tRIPr today is sold in 14 countries worldwide and is regarded as the world leader in precision strip-till agriculture machinery.


US-base cattle genetics supplier. Savannah Breeder Services (an AVI subsidiary) is its distributor in Uganda as well as an implementation of insemination protocols and breeding timelines. For 45 years World Wide Sires has been motivated by a clear mission: “With highest integrity, World Wide Sires provides industry leading genetics and services to ensure continued success for our global customers.” Through the years, the bulls and faces have changed, but this promise and the passion behind it remains. We are here to supply profitable genetics and superior customer service, with a strong commitment to your success.


Several agtech veterans, who weren’t content with the state and pace of innovation in agriculture, started RealmFive in 2015. With a combined experience of 100+ years in agriculture, this small team dove headfirst into creating the most reliable device-to-cloud platform built specifically for agriculture. The result of their work is the award-winning Connectivity Platform™, which uses improved long-range telemetry to connect an entire operation’s machines, devices, sensors, and systems to the cloud.

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