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subsidiary & affiliated COMPANIES


Turnkey Farming Solutions Limited (TFS) is a Tanzanian registered company that is a partnership between AgVision International and a strategic Tanzanian partner. TFS is AVI's engagement company for projects and business in Tanzania.

The company leverages its local network to provide development & management services and crop & livestock products to Tanzanian clientele. The company is engaged in production agriculture with large-scale commercial farming as well as assisting small-holder farmers to increase productivity.


Savannah Breeder Services is an Uganda domiciled company focused on the importation of cattle semen to improve the quality of cattle production in Uganda. Quality genetics is key to making farmers across Uganda profitable. Developing improved genetics in Uganda is a rare opportunity. Not only is it able to help farms of all sizes, but it has the ability to make the livestock on these farms more efficient, produce higher quality products and make farms more economical in Uganda. Access to good quality and cost-effective genetics is what will put Uganda on track to be a leader in African agriculture.

The health and wellbeing of livestock is an SBS priority. Ugandan farmers struggle to get reliable pharmaceuticals to administer to their cattle. SBS has the ability to get these much-needed products to Ugandan farmers. SBS envisions being able to provide farmers with a “one-stop shop” where they can get prime genetics, high-quality pharmaceuticals, and training in how to use these resources to better their livestock.

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